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Theory Of Lies & Negation - text


What had made you believe she was the one?
Now that she’s gone, friends you’ve got none.
She spat on you like its shit to forget.
But now it’s your time to make her regret.

Lies, future, secrets, fuck

Don’t rely on her cause she’s a fucking lie.
Bury your past in the bleeding wounds of your last tear drop and walk ahead.
Time has arrived to make her realize.
Should’ve laid her instead of loved.

Lies, future, secrets, hate.
Lies, future, secrets, fuck.

Lying down in darkness, broken heart weakness,
Still you cry in sorrow, be all alone tomorrow.
There she is now, fucking someone else
while you lay on your bed dead drunk loser
worthless tears in your eyes.

Fortune teller tells me secrets
Of her lies and her motherfucking pride.
Dark obsession, wrath deception.
It’s her style, she’d let you die.

Your schizophrenic depression
for the one who fucked your ass
with a smile on her face
and a little bit of sickness in her head.

Lies, future, secrets, hate.
Lies, future, secrets, fuck.

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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