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(We are on the edge, just one push away.
Do we even understand or feel anything, anymore?
When will we realize & come out of this fucking cryo. The human race.
Falling for centuries. We’ve embraced things – have broken us.
We are who we are. We are on the edge.)

Burning eyes realized. You are the source of planned extinction.
Consuming thoughts, controlling lives, a fading line of humanity.
Reality is profane.

Shadows of death, killing emotions by emotion;
I am not the only one attacked.
Ignorance of survival, calamity is inevitable.

Undead, our lost tribe
Endangered, we are.

Pathetic. Our war of age.
Selfish yet sublime.
All that remains is insane.
I will seek my vengeance.

Invalidate the creator. He was never alive.
My bed. My bed of peace. My piece of bread.
You’ve taken it all.

Undead, our lost tribe
Endangered, we are.

Liars, speakers, leeches, screamers.
You’ve scarred my time with a master’s precision.

Undead, our lost tribe
Endangered, we are.

It’s disintegrating. Your stronghold of chaos.
My name is denigrated, scars of destruction.
Your stand has a broken limb. I am the scourging.
Revolution – the only way.
In danger – we are.

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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