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Don't Get Caught - text


Don't let them stop you believing
And don't let them find you breathing
You've got a hiding place at the back of the yard
And the bus has gone out all evening

I sleep with the chipboard and levers
In my old clothes, I lay there just dreaming
My thoughts are all somewhere, But I'm going nowhere
But don't let them catch you sleeping

Don't get caught

They might lock you down there forever
And you`d have to keep it together
Just because one day you've done it your own way
You made all the other workers jealous

The sun wakes you up in the morning
And now all the gates need securing
Now don't waste no time, now you've caught the first light
But don't let them catch you yawning

Don't get caught

Don't get caught in the crossfire
Just cause you felt tired today
You're sleeping on barbed wire
You'll only get fired away

Don't get caught

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