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Yesterday you looked at me in a different way
As if I was what was dragging you down
Go back to your life without anyone else
It'll be much better for me as well

Go live a peaceful life...
Without anyone bothering you
Everyone pretending
And you doubting

How crazy to hear you mixing up my name
So strange, your voice on the phone
Like someone who wants to say goodbye
Without having to look me in the eye.
Before you lie to me, think about it
If it's worth it, this thing dragging you down
Go back to that life you enjoy
Our affair didn't work out
It took us years to grow up
But you go back, go back,
Pretending that you adore me
You don't even see that my heart is crying
While it's trying to understand you

Go live a peaceful life
Without anyone keeping an eye on you
Everyone lying
Only you doubting

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