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Violent Skateboarding - text


I am sorry I meet you just wasting my time
don't tell me what you think, don't give me that dumb hint
I wonder if you could be normal ya you should
be thinking not drinking, cause your brain is shrinkin'
I would love to tell you how much you can fuck you
every time I see you talking shit!
political parties whatever you are nazis
your teeth and your effort I will break with my skateboard!

but actually I don't care what you do
because I know my skateboard is way harder than you
so hold a second and listen up cause we've got something to say :
fuck you and your whole crew because united we gonna walk all over you!!

you sexists you racists you stoneheads
you are brainless
there is no use for talking you won't understand
your stupid lies everything for what you fight
is outright wrong and won't last long

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