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My World - text


you turn me on, you switch me off, but i won't take it anymore.
you are telling lies, you sold me out, and it happened all before.
don't try to tell me. don't believe it anyway
don't want to argue so get out off my way

My World! My World!

i go to punkrock shows, as long as punk ain't dead.
when all the other trends pass by.
i stand up for my friends, and they will stick to me.
always side by side.
it is more than just a phrase, fighting for my rights
move forwards step by step, towards the light.

My World! My World!

animal slavery, fascist ideologies, police state
and poverty, war and inhumanity.
supporting the cruel machine of this fucked up society.
as long as i got a voice to raise
no one brings me down

My World! My World!

and i don't know...i don't know how long it will take
you may see me soon?..with a gun in my hand

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