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The Early Years - text


The fatal night has come
The night that the dead will rise.
Hollow eyes, hungry for flesh,
all life they despise.
In waves they attack.

This village's future is a picth black.
Fear rises, as the moan of the undead.
Is hear.
No point in fleeing.
This is the punishment they have deserved.

Death has awaked.
Death has come to eat flesh ripped appart
Mutilation of their heart.
Bones broken, limbs severed.

Small children dismembered.
The eating continues
Blasphemous ghouls
Feasts upon these fools
Blood gushes
The undead masses forward pushes
Guts eaten
Flesh devoured
The village stink of death and decay
The hunger still not satisfied
More life needs to be defied
Prowling the woods
They find another village
No warning!
No mercy!
The attack commences
Ripping the living apart
The feasting continues
The undead have created more ghouls
Insane lust for flesh
The smashing heads into mush
Torn limbs
Spilt blood and innards
Bloody skeletons

Death defined...

The undead goes back to their graves to sleep,
until more flesh they need.

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