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Last Resting Place - text


In the middle of the night
where everything is still.
There is a single light,
and a ghostly chill.

You here a scream of pain,
and slow and heavy breath.
It seems someone's been slain,
and has encountered death.

You gaze towards the light.
To your surprise;
you see there's a ghastly sight.

In the cemetery gates and through its ancient gate;
altough you're filled with dread
you watch the living state of those who've long been dead.

Last resting place...

Through the cemetery gate; the lifeless rise wisth hate.
It's anger they for vengeance they await
through the cemetery gate.

They say you watching them although you start to run;
it's you they will condemn.
Their vengeance has begun.

As you begin to slow; they are getting near.
There is a gosthly glow and you are struck with fear.

Last resting place...

They grab you by the head; are ready to the kill,
and soon you will be dead.
That is the undead's will, but just before you die;
the creatures turn with fright now breaking through
the sky is the sun's holy light.

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