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Jacko's Funeral Pyre - text


Jacko's horrors burn the ancient heavens.
The fear before the march of flames.
Cities and civilizations are helpless and leprous.
The red-limbed angel seizing in horror
the last trumpet of doom.

Build a funeral pire.
A monstrosity unto the lord.
The healty are secluded and the loved propagated
leave them as a branch to be burned.

For the female's love from deepest hell.
I strave the gardens of wisdom,
became filled with grave...

In the end, what have we to show?

But the light of a dying fire or the toxicslaughter's glow
burning from the funeral pyre.

In the end, what have we to show?
But a dying fire, embers glow


Zombies bring down teh last wall standing
atop the splintered furniture, the mangled.


Push the wreckage into a neat pile.
Gasoline and matches to a lifetime ablaze
with a ticket to hell, bury you into a majestic dowfall.

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