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Cryptic Broadcast - text


Initiate the passage of excerpts
along the rusty bloodshelf
of mind bending knowledge,
flopping pages, sprinkle dust
around the half sun filled darkroom

Read on and on,
knowing what's restricted makes
it more of an mental addiction

Raise the dead through Pagan texts
where only the color black will
reign through what's coming next

Vacancy graveyard will soon be lifted from its hinges,
flesh roaming free through out the towns

Still sitting on that gravestone...

The book of the dead

Tears the wood from the old beams
of the church there is life in death,
hideous faces plunge out the dirt,
in seek of decades of revenge

The cause of it all over a simple curiosity,
this is just a lesson on holding on to
the roots of the mind's eternal atrocities...

Text přidal paja65

Video přidal paja65

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