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Reach the pleasure from the pain,
stick your cock into pile of coals.
More your body will deceive,
the higher orgasm you'll receive.

Passout, this is the limit at last.
For testing your body you've gone way past.
Sicker the better, face formed in smile.
Swallow some cement and shit out concrete!

Observe the trends, get some new friends.
Cosmetic amputation is the thing.
If one wants she can get rid of her limbs.
How wonderful she's without her legs?

Obsessive need to disassemble yourself,
for sake of living in wrong body.
You have always felt you should be an amputee,
would you cut your head off and try to start from there?

Suffocate yourself, just for the vibes
Physical punishment, excitation rises!
Sexually addicted in hurting yourself.
Heartattack strikes when you masturbate with ice.

Text přidala Joker

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