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Crushing through your bones
Shotgun shells of death
Penetrating your tissue
Directly into heart

Festering limbs

Torn the heart into pieces
Crushing through the spine
Tearing your body
Smashing your chest

In a second you turned into pile of meat
crushed bones and rotting limbs
You have reached your better form
Lifeless pile of liver, lungs and flesh

Get rid of your remains
Cast the limbs in concrete
Feed my dog with your innards
Finally you have some use

What’s left, I’ll boil
Gray mass it will end
Shovel the mass to the hole
Fill it up with smashed flesh

I am done, you are complete,
I didn’t leave evidence
Nothing could be proven
The perfect slaughtering

On my way to the next one,
You were just one among others
Nothing special, just entertainment
For my endless spare time

Text přidala Joker

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