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Lost my baby on a moonless nite,
Our dreams were shattered of our teenage lives,
Her severed head sittin' on my knee,
The words she spoke now hauntin' me.

I love you babe and I've been thinkin' all nite,
You're arms around me in a bed satin white.
I wanna give it all to you,
Show my love is really true,
The time is right my cherry's ripe.

In the morgue my baby lying naked no distress,
Her frozen body crying take me from this place,
Took my only girl from this lonely world,
To the graveyard where she became...

My graveyard queen she's cold and mighty lean,
She's got that morbid sheen,
Yeah she's my graveyard queen,
My baby is a graveyard queen.

At dark in the graveyard nite
I made my girl my queen,
Lovers at last a final gasp,
A coffin set the scene.
Took my lonely life
With a carving knife,
To die beside my haunted dream.

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