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Another Chance - text


I need another chance
To right my wrong
I didn't mean to kill her
It was insanity
She didn't want to give me
The love I need
So I began to whip her
And then I took her life

Dripping blood
She's dead

A little teenage doll
And a fifth of J.D.
Is all you need to pull off
A dirty deed
So if you choose to do so
You might just pay
And you may never get
Another chance

Dripping blood
She's dead

So now that you're a killer
Are you satisfied?
Do you believe in fate
Or are you just plain dumb?
You had to have it your way
You didn't compromise
So now you're in the slammer
And not a thing to say

Dripping blood
She's dead

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69


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