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To The Last Breath - text


Imitate your heroes
Emulate beliefs
Set the standard, set the trap
(Now) mimic what you see
Praise what I praise
Crucify the truth
Say what I say
Get them hooked and turn the screw

Get off your knees
Get to your feet and unbowed your head
Nobody else will live your life for you,
Or you’re better off dead…
We shall remain

Quick to praise, not shift to thought
Brings an idle mind
An idle mind breeds mindless sheep
To a shepherd they flock
His staffs of lies lead the way
They breed conformity
I cannot, I shall not, I will not obey!
Out of sight, out of mind
Stay out of my way
You dare defy, questioning me
With silence you’ll pay
Vanity, bigotry, choose your poison wise
Follow your messiah and by his sword you die!

To the last breath, I shall fight
To the last breath, no compromise
To the last breath, I will not sleep
Pain without end

Overwrought conviction
In lies which bring disease
Uninformed, shattered life
Mental tragedy
Distorted lies that you see true
The point of no return
Make believe reality
Entirely up to you


Die young, die young
Commit eternal sleep
You’re stabbing in the dark
Then you blame your vague beliefs
The method of your madness is
You love to be deceived
Warped minds make damaged thoughts
Repeat after me


Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

Act Of God


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