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Thunder Dome - text


Two men enter
One man leave

You make promises that you never keep
Seems like your only purpose in life
Is to give me grief

Crawling maggot is what you are
Always talk behind my back
Spineless one show your face
Tread on me you’ll wish you never had

I may be down
But never out
Submit to no one
Remain unbowed

Don’t turn your back
Cause I’m coming
This one’s just for you
Cause you call me nothing
Don’t turn your back
Cause I’m coming
This bullet’s got your name
And I’m gunning

I don’t know what you been told
But listen up and listen good
Keep it up with the games you play
And you know you’re bound to lose

Kindness is weakness to those
That use others for their own game

Nothing more than a parasite
Trusting done in vain


Friendship is such a deadly word
Find out what it really means
I’m amused of what it’s been said
It’s off my name you feed

Two men enter
One man leave

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

Act Of God


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