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Baptised By Fire - text


Father can you help me now
I’ve fallen weak again
Father can you hear me now
I can’t go on

Pushed to far
Meet my standards
Make them proud

Kill because I tell you to
Firstborn son
Don’t want to see no tears

The dream appears
When I close my eyes
Someday that bastard dies

Son he says
You’ll be sent away
To make me proud
And to make them pay

Baptised by fire
Baptised by fire

Seems like only yesterday
I was a boy without a care
Now I got to make them pay
Or be sent home in a bag


Father tells me not to cry
You’re a man and not a boy
He tells me hold my head up high
Even when I’ve got nothing to pride

Listen to mamma boy and you’ll be weak
Do as I say and not as I do
He says it’s nothing when he needs a drink
Boy I’m a man and I made you


You’ve got no right
To send off to war
Kill or be killed
Are you proud while I’m being scarred?

They say that I’m a soldier now
Time to show your might
Feels like spending time in hell
And my mind isn’t right

Ten years later tell them I am a man
But I’m still locked away
Father says didn’t go as planned
Ashamed of me so it’s best I stay


Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

Act Of God


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