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The WarWhore - text

"The things are going to go from bad to worse, until the reign of the antichrist. Now, if you know that, do not be surprised; if you know that, do not be disappointed."
Oswald J. Smith

I was sent by your possessed holy emperor
To buy your souls, seek and pay with terror
Inverted cross that sits on my corrupted soul
In the game of Hades I play my role
My angelic children will drink you blood
Kick your head and role it in the mud
Pray for your sleeping gods, I'll be amused
Your morning cry for mercy will be refused

I spit my venom on your tired face
Your name will be raped by disgrace
I am the warwhore

I am here to fight and die
But who'd believe this childish lie?
I am here to loot and steal
The only is my hungry steel

The haunted wind screams my name
To warn the villagers of the coming shame
The living eyes in all their paintings
Will cry the blood they've been awaiting
Yet no one hears, yet no one sees
I am the spoiled child of my beloved Satan
Heads gonna role, grim reaper will be waiting
I will leave no hot blood to be enslaved

Text přidala Lucipher69

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