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Shadow Of A Dying Sun - text

I rid the tides of a thousand storms
I came, I saw, I conquered your soul
Your lies, your life, your truth, your desire
I came, I reaped, I collected your memory

You run behind those illusions you seek
You feel you are helpless
Your powers are weak
All around it smells like death
You burned the world to the ground
Ashes to ashes, will it satisfy your lust?
Rise like a beast from the East
Bring war, destruction disease
All of you can burn alive in a pool of melting lava
I rise behind the clouds and stare towards to open sky

I am cold as a mountain
My true colours are not shown
I have drank from the fountain
Not a laugh at the clown
Dark clouds on the horizon
Coming from the mountain side
Shadow of a dying sun

You can now come closer to me
I'll feed you power, all that you need
Your dreams and wishes are my command
There are two paths you can ride on
The sun, the moon the stars are one
Drenched in blood, the citadel walls
They cry out loud
Heaven help me I've gone way too far

Text přidala Lucipher69

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