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Under wings of my resistance
We require no assistance
In the name of united nations
They require annihilation
Plague they spread across the nation
Sets the path of our destination
Raise the flag until damnation
I am rising

In the name of assassinations
Wars of their own creations
Time to join this new sensation
And achieve realization
No escape from illumination
Join this congregation
It's the dawn of a generation
I have risen

Ride and be free
And then sin along
Ride with the wind
Where you belong
Ride and be free
And then sin along
Maybe one day you'll be free just like me

Behind the hidden doors
Underneath checkered floors
Bow down now and addore
And then shout the battle roar
Prepare for blood and gore
Now starts the final war

Free yourself from the shadows of the night
Open up to the light
Pray that he will not defeat you
Don't bellow your cries in fright
Succumb you will to his power
Summon your deadly cry
Destruct and ravish with pride
Kill and murder with a smile

Text přidala Lucipher69

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