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Night Of Evil - text

Wake up to the sound
Of a ringing in your ears
The bells they toll at midnight hours
Your heart is struck with fear
Drink a pinch of blood
Magic waits for you
Calling you to join in its tune

Call my name, I have no shame
Nothing kills my inner flame
I cast out my swords and whips
And blast you to die

It's only a demon
Who stalks your shadow
Night of evil
Handing you weapons
Whispering words of sin
On this night of evil

Smile to the witch
And the warlocks up ahead
For if you don't, prepare for spells
That occupy your head
Drink a pinch of wine
The sorceress waits for you
Calling you to join in her tune

Call me to hold the staff up high
A gift of glory, for the fight
I cease all life from existence
Bless them with lies

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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