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Dark Days Of Babylon - text

There lies the valley of the sun (it's rising)
Where I once lost my mind
Across the sands of time
Into the distance, to hell I am bound
Up in the sky
It flickers above you
Shining bright, over Babylon
Seas of gold and oceans of time
Trap me within, eternal sin, and Earthly paradise made in hell

Ride down to the flaming well
God sits on his thrown and weeps
The river flows into a dream
Torture rape and wicked screams

Let me take you far away
On a magic carpet ride
Sail back all the way
Across the sands of time
Let me take you far away
Away from this hell I feel
Sail back all the way
To a land beyond your dreams

From the ashes the temple rises
The dark days of Babylon
They have come to warn us all
Out of the darkness, hear the angels call
Comes down from the heavens
A new age comes to light your path
With glory and fame, you enter a life of dreams
Traps you within, eternal sin, an earthly paradise made in hell

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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