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Another Boy - text


Another boy
That's what I am
Since I was born
No matter when
There was a date
I forgot since then
I'm just a member
Of a boys' clan

What is a date
What is an age
The book of my life has
An unwritten page
Long as I can
I'm living with joy
And if I'm a hundred
I'm still a boy

Somewhere deep in my mind
Lies a piece of childhood world
I'm a boy and I feel fine
I'm so glad I'm not a girl

Another boy
That's how I feel
I don't count my years
They never seem real
If I go on
And I have a son
I know we both will be
Actin' as one

Winter or spring
We go to play
Sunday suits gatherin'
The dust and the clay
If he's the one
Who took after me
I'll take after him
That's how it will be

If I was a little girl
I'd still have a lot of joy
Livin' in a different world
I'd be glad I'm not a boy
But as it is it's not my case
I was born a little man
Ever since those childhood days
I'm so happy that I am

Another boy
Ready to live
Tryin'to take
And tryin'to give
Another boy
A little bit wild
A little bit frightened
But somehow a child

If you just care
If you give a damn
I could come over
To say: Here I am
Another boy
Askin' you: Please
Give us the playground
Give us the peace

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