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I don’t know why Í’m such a hopeless dreamer I
always wonder where the grass is greener but
when I look into the rear view mirror I see just
where I’m trying to go why do I always hit when I
should stand I always fold ‘em when I’m holding a
good hand and then I see you on the street with
my ex-best friend that’s when i know... stupid, stupid
to think that I could get over you i blew it, I
blew it now I wish I could be in her shoes it’s so
sad, was my bad and now there’s nothing that I
can do stupid, I’m stupid to think someone could
love me better than you i saw him dancing at the
club on my street the next day i met him for lunch,
it was my treat
but all I thought about was you, how could
I be so crazy letting you go he whispered
softly in my ear, like cupid said all the things
I like to hear, like you did but then he left
me with my tears feeling stupid baby, baby,
that’s how I know... I gave up, walked away
I saved up all my tears for a rainy day now it’s raining
and I’m here saying all the things I thought
I’d never say

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