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Hope & Glory - text

In a time of global crisis
When the robots threaten the world
A band of heroes has decided
To put an end to the bloody war

They succeeded with the task
And then disbanded to rest
But the memory of the brave
Is alive in people's hearts

Are defenders of all people
The new approach
To fight the evil force as equals

Any man on our planet
Knows the name of every hero
They are our bravest keepers
Of justice and of freedom

Always rushing into battle
Stay and watch
How they are solving our troubles

The world could always
Use more heroes
So hurry up and
Have no fear

Take a look
There’s Tracer on the edge
She is running like a madman
And impossible to catch,

Here Symmetra comes with traps,
Teleporting our allies,
Rocket launcher of Pharah
Raining justice from above

And Bastion is standing still
He just presses a fire button
But Hanzo the archer’s arrow
Found a way to the iron heart

Be aware of Reaper
He can wipe the whole group
And Winston’s jump is harder
Than a rocket of Pharah

Torbjorn’s defense is hard
His turrets can stop a tank
Second line with Bastion
This looks like death to all

You can always trust Mercy
She can even res a squad
But a sniper, Widowmaker,
Also tries to oneshot

Ninja cyborg, girl of frost,
The top player is mech pilot
It is hard to understand
They are all on our side

There are many other heroes
With their different roles in combat
Who is better Who is stronger
Prove yourself and wait no longer

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