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Slumber Evermore - text

Evening of life has become
I am a withered leaf
which falls into the ground with September rain.
I feel the pain on my wings
I find no longer reason to live
Nocturnal sky smiles to me approvingly

I close my eyes
But I can see more clearly than ever
I let my soul to rest in death
I want to leave
I want to slumber evermore
I sail in silence

Eventually a bed in permafrost
The first snow covers up to the final bed
I am no longer afraid of dark
My life's sunset is beautiful
World's voices still whispering
But I do not want to go back

I close my eyes
Forget me now, forever
I don't miss back to the starless night
I want to leave
I want to slumber evermore
I sail in silence

"No longer need to wake to a nightmare
No longer need to fear the awakening"

In vain you bless my journey
In vain you pray forgiveness for my sins
There's no god in my dreamworld
I no longer breathe the dust of this world
Calm is the mind in slumber
En route in eternal twilight

"Silence... It's music to me now..."

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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