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Fear, Come Near Me - text

"When I opened my eyes
I didn't see this world anymore
I thought that I was lost
But I had come home
I'm afraid
I don't need anything else
Alone in the fragmented world
In the middle of my own nightmare
The only thing that I pray now
Fear, come near me"

Twilight's embrace and the fading moon
Nightmares cobweb in my mind
Voices in my head, howl or croon
Freezing air and my silver breathing
Shadows behind the window
They whisper my name

Miracles and the fallen angels
Harlot and the rosary
Grace and vanity

There's no Sun in my Eden
The snake isn't cursed
Expelled will return back home
Hell quiets down

I'm afraid
I don't need anything else
Hate at first sight
I fall to the dark side
Lost and alone
Bleeding and soulless
It is my comfort
Fear, come near me

Lunatic and a swan song
Morphine and lust
Unholy and the broken

Beautiful nightmares every night
Dependence from deep darkness
Longing gaze to the black bullet
Scarlet tears fall to the ground

"When the curtain comes down and opens up again
Everything has become serene"

Text přidala Lucipher69

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