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Beauty And The Beast - text

This corridor is empty and dark
The moment of light is falling apart
Your silent words are telling enough
Your evasive gaze is seeking the sun
But today the sun goes to sleep
The Landscape of dream is so restless

I would like the fires ignite
Together us to melt
And burning to ashes in to the ground
I'd like the story to end
From a nightfall find the ending
Just find a common destination

Someday I might not remember your name
Someday even your face is foreign to me
Being lost and trying to steer my memories
The common life was only a fantasy
I couldn't even say goodbye

"Open your wings and fly
I crouch under the sky
And I stay wading in the ocean of sorrows"

Evening-dressed in black
In vain desired treasure
The promise for tomorrow, stillborn
We were like day and night
Soul landscape of broken hearts
Born in too different worlds

Text přidala Lucipher69

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