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Cries Behind The Golden Walls - text


I called the black goat Shub-Niggurath:
"Show me delights beyond belief! I call
Give me the pleasures Azag-Thoth
Of the stars the moon and the endless night"

From a distance, I saw the wells of Koth
I felt the frozen winds of Yugoth
I heard the faceless god
Screaming blind over abysmal cliffs

I travelled through the mountain of Seth
As the dark spirits covered the sun
I caress the power and wisdom
(That he unleashed) like a soothing wind

Some talk of the horrors lurking deep in the universe...

I sat beside the river of silver tears
And I gazed at the sky and heard a quiet melody
Then I beheld the Nereids of the woods
And she called me inside the passage
The passage to the unconceived Abyss
Screams from amorphous masses of emptiness
The fiends of dark they drag me
Into the mighty dimensions of the Ancient Ones

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidal DevilDan


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