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You show me the way to find thw warmest rays
Guilding my days across the dangerous waves
You tell me I can´t retreat
You lead me across hard streets

You show me the way avoiding broken words
Your voice in the safest that I´ve ever heard
You tell me just where to cut
You make sure I don´t give up

You show me the sings that nobody sees
The songs on my mind, voices in the trees
Cos there are a thousand times to lose your head
And when I´m alone remember what you sald

Wou show me the way arround the cruellest traps
Spurning me on to navigate the gaps
You tell me I must drive on
Until tthe future is gone

You show me the way to fight the real good fight
Living in sun and holding back the night
You tell me I must believe
You show me the way to need

Text přidal Elanista2013

Video přidal Elanista2013

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