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Following Rain - text


I can´t stop following rain
Can´t stop shadowing doubt
I can´t stop feeling insane
I can´t really work in out

I can´t stop eating regrets
I can´t stop rambling debts
I can´t stop shaking those rules
And cliving into empty pools

My hearts has a terrible ride
Every place I take it to hide
My head keeps losing my mind
But I can´t seem to leave it behind
My feet take the wrong direction
I arrive in the wrong section
I never know where we are
I wanna get back in the car

I can´t stop following rain...

Future got a fence all around
Inside can´t hear any sound
My past is a country of ice
I never want to visit it twice
I don´t like to be a predictor
But I´m never gonna be the victor
Time is running out fast
Can´t put it back in the glass

Can´t stop following rain...

The river runs over my house
My lion turns into a mouse
The wind blows out the sun
I´m living in a city of one
I used to be a storyteller
But now the pages turn yellow
I can´t see a thing for miles
Love to be back in style

Can´t stop following rain...

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