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Solve et Coagula - text

From darkest shades of creation
Primordial rebellion begun
Legions, start to up rise
Lead by the shinning son
The fallen betrayed angel
Banned to darkest depths
Returned from his exile
And offered wisdom to man
A hand up , Solve ; A hand down, Coagula
Duality expression of nature
Junction of the opposites
Roots of the paradoxes
Behind process of reality
Destruction of the ordered states
leading systems to caos
The energy in its purest form
Spreading over the void
The vital forces of Cosmic beings
Comes from the other side
The blazing flame that burns inside
Every living man
See the entropy forever growing
Driving the wheel of the elements
In the Darkness and light's duality
Thus creating all the firmament

Text přidal DevilDan

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