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Departure For The Cosmic Twilight - text

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After a night of obscurity
Fighting on behalf of my nebula
I witness the silent departure
Of the cosmic twilight
For the temples where I reject myself
Souls shout for my name
Through screams and wailings
With your spectre in ember
Mirrored by the lost blood
In the reflex of nostalgic crystal
As in a suffering scream
As in the hope that outlines my spirit
As in the tireless departure
As in the cosmic twilight
Walking for the Yggdrasil darkness
For the lands of Midgard
Untouchable he stays
As the warrior's scar after the battle
In the middle of the frozen landscape
The princess of my mortal nightmares
Through screams and wailings
With your spectre in ember
Possessor of my powers is made
And all my destiny disagrees
I feel the majestic presence
And I am going to the search of the suffered death
In your wrinkled hands that make to feel cold for the forest
To penetrate my face and to arrive in my spirit
In your white and pale skin
I see the tone of the twilight after your death

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Departure for the Cosmic Twilight (EP)

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