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Along the path dirty downtrodden and dead
The very road that we all take
That nowhere leads and nowhere ends

Across the stream of my emerging consciousness
The very words that we all fake
Seldom uttered seldom said

And still we roam the turpid endless ways
Wondering why we ended up out there
Our minds swinging like screw threads

The stakes are pretty low aren't they ?

But the road is in our heads
We cast a shadow of lead
That nowhere leads and nowhere ends

Waves finally made it home
Waves usually make it home
Yet I am not quite sure,
'cause I see no home;
It's all been blown
At full gallop
In water and foam
And we've seen it all
Mountains and homes
We've seen it all
On a old film
We've seen it all

In our eyes iridescent clouds
Drifting along our veins out loud
Out loud
And so deafening

No word could be said
No word has been said
No word will be said
About the mount Fuji in red

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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