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Modern Idiot - text


Put your clammy palms in the air
to dance it is the hour
Yet another body to devour
glorious se**** uproar

Just like a roman senator
With a mouthful of grapes
Shake your floggid body
For a hundred and twenty days

Our bodies are clutching
Far from the ecstasy of kissing
The scrambling for Narcissus' spoils
You call desire

Modern idiot, Useful idiot
Selling man out on the market
Pleading plead freedom
Dirty freedom to defile
scattered doubt of majority rule

(Your) automatic shield will not protect you
Now you can feel how much I desire you

Now the worms can feed

And now it's fools' time
You've got to know
And now it's fools' time, fools' time
Our bodies are raw

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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