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The Mud Shark Dancing lesson - text


Lemme tell you 'bout the Mud Shark . . . The origins of the Mud Shark are as follows: There's a motel in Seattle, Washington called the Edgewater Inn. The Edgewater Inn's built out on a pier . . . so that means that when you look out your window you don't see any dirt - - it's got a bay or something out in your backyard. . . And to make it even more interesting, in the lobby of the aforementioned motel there's a bait and tackle shop where the residents can go down whenever they want to, and rent a fishing pole and some preserved minnows and schlep back up to their rooms, open the window, stick their little pole outside and within a few minutes actually catch a fish of some sort that they can bring into their motel room and do whatever they want with it... you know what I mean?
Now in this bay there's quite a variety of ah . . . fish! Not only do they have mud sharks up there, they got little octopusses that you can catch. And all of these denizens of the deep can come in real handy . . .
Let's say you were a travelling Rock and Roll band called the Vanilla Fudge. Let's say one night you checked into the Edgewater Inn Motel with a 8mm movie camera, enough money to rent a pole, and just to make ist more interesting --a succulent young lady (Mnaaah!) with a taste for the bizarre . . .
My mind drifts back to a meeting, a chance meeting in the Chicago O'Hare Airport where the members of the Vanilla Fudge told Don Preston about a home movie they made at the Edgewater Inn with a Mud Shark. I'm gonna tell you, this dance, the Mud Shark, is sweeping the ocean!. . .

You go out
So far out
You do the Mud Shark, baby
You go out
So far out
You do the Mud Shark, baby . . . etc.

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