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Eradicated Existence - text


Another envelope is waiting for him
Another task that he must carry out
He can't delay, he must be on his way
He gathers up the tools of his trade

Black clothes
Black gloves
Black boots
His guns

He's now on the hunt, seeking out his target
Like so many other times before
Package he received contains all information
That he'll need and nothing more

Into the night, into the shadows, making his way once again
Repeating steps all too familiar, he is the master of his trade

Soon he finds his mark, maps out the location
Planning his escape when the task is done
Then he bides his time for the perfect moment
Taking comfort as he feels the handle of his gun

Making his move, toward the target
Then in a flash, draws his gun
Quickly takes aim and pulls the trigger
Hitting the mark, the task is done

Blood splatters everywhere
The target hits the floor
As the commotion starts
He is out the door

Back to his home he then returns
Sends off a note to say it's done
Then in a day her receives his payment
He then waits for his next one

Life was not always
The way that it is now
Much lead him to this point
Here is why and how

When he was young he had a home and parents who did love him
A happy childhood same as anybody else
Then misfortunes struck
Both his parents gone

The news hit hard
is world was torn apart
In just a flash
He lost all he had ever know

He was put into foster care and given to one couple
The system did not know the misery he'd face
Beating everyday
Treated like a slave

They belittled him, they mistreated him, made his life a living hell
They were pitiless, they were merciless, deep into despair he fell
They abandoned him, they neglected him, they were heartless, they were cruel
Filled with misery, living agony, wretchedness his only school

As the years went by
Resentment filled his soul
The streets became his second home
And payback his only goal

They belittled him, they mistreated him but now things had changed
He was pitiless, he was merciless, blew them both away
They had been his first, it had been the worst thing he'd ever done
But he felt redeemed, his slate then then was clean, he found purpose in a gun

As he sits there in the darkness waiting for his payment to arrive
Something starts to feel peculiar something is not quite right
His phone begins to ring confirming his suspicions
His contact on the line tells him they have to meet right now

Years of wisdom scream deception as he ponders what to do
He knows that he must get closer if he hopes to learn the truth
What caused this sudden change? Why is he now the target?
It all seems very strange, he goes to face his fate right now

Instantly he faced the one who they had sent to take him out
But surprise was now on his side, his success was not in doubt
His assassin lay there bleeding, he continued on his way
He would find his ex-employers and then he would make them pay

Soon he found them the ones who he sought
Looks of disbelief on their faces
In that moment his world fell apart
They revealed the truth of his past
He'd been working for the government ( a secret covert branch)
Who killed those that spoke out against them
All this time he thought that his job
Was to take out the scum of the earth
When in fact he killed innocents
For those he felt harbored no worth

And to make matters worse
They revealed to him
His parents died by their hands
Never had he ever felt so grim

Then they died
He killed them all
On the hunt
The rest would fall

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