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Dark Nemesis - text


I hide in shadows
Await my time to strike
Against those who have wronged me and then brought me strife
My prey approaches
My muscles start to tense
I spring to action ripping through their weak defense

The time has come for me to get my justice
Each and every one will suffer by my hand
Their defense is feeble they can't stop me
I'll deliver final punishment to them

Victory is mine
They will now see
They are out of time
Revenge my destiny

I let one live so that he'll spread word of what transpired
What happened here this night, my violent masterpiece
I will be more than man I will become a legend
My name shall strike fear into the very hearts of men

It's down to one now
The brain behind it all
The man in power, he will be the last to fall
I've set the playing field
He knows he can't escape
He turns to face me, turns to face his final fate

This is the moment I have sought for so long
I will savor every devastating blow
He will beg for death before it's over
Pain that I inflict, the last thing that he'll know

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