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Walking along by the moss-covered river rocks
By the tree where the old tire hangs
I looked down in the gleaming of your sun
And saw the footprints of a memory, and my heart sang
Cary Lynn, Cary Lynn Javes
Do you remember us sitting in the shade?
I gave you a hot coat in a sack
You gave me a flat rock back
Standing here by this cracked, white water fountain
I can remember when it was new
You used to wonder where the water was coming from
That is until I met you
Cary Lynn, Cary Lynn Javes
I used to think you were the dumbest person ever made
I told you the pipes were running underground
You laughed and said: "See you around"
Flying high on a silver-spider ferris wheel
Making wind over Long County fair
I looked up at the stars that I was closer to
And thanked the wind for running fingers through my hair
Cary Lynn, Cary Lynn Javes
Do you remember us in the fair parade?
I gave you a kiss behind the wagon rack
You gave me two kisses back
I'm getting older as all folks do
I'm thinking back; I'm thinking of you
At my table, my family sits waiting
Today's my birthday and we're all celebrating
Cary Lynn, Cary Lynn Javes
I bet you never guessed the wish I made
You used to tell me birthday wishes came true
But then you said that you loved me too
Cary Lynn, Cary Lynn Javes
Cary Lynn, Cary Lynn Javes
Cary Lynn, Cary Lynn Javes

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