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Misanthropy - text


Darkness - my only friend, release me from this curse!
Intoxicated veins with the plague of contempt...
Mankind - the wailful race, in the shadow it creeps!
Devouring my dreams and bathing in disgrace...

Nameless - bound to pretend, hidden hatred for man!
Incarcerated pain waiting to be exempt...
Rewind - to former grace, attempting to redeem!
Killing the beast within, forevermore a slave!

No! I inhale, the freedom's scent!
They'll never understand,
what I really am...

Silence - until the end, there's nothing to be said!
Incinerated bane, another failed attempt...
Decline - has left no trace of compassion in me!
Extinguishing consciense, eternally defaced...

Enough! Alone I stand, morbid, empty, insane!
Humilating game - life, abysmal descent...
Into Hell...

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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