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You Know I Am Paid - text


I am always getting money so I got these haters mad
My flow got teeth marks cause they biting my swag,
You know I am paid, paid, paid, you know I am paid, paid paid
[ x2 ]

This boy Yung Prince on the track again
I know you see my ice shining shining like the Benz you see them 24's
Dey shining and shining once you look at them
You gone go blinding and blind and
Don't forget the jays on my feet
You never seen my swag is so exclusive
Man you can't get like me
(These hataz tryin to cop my style they can't get like me) (x2)

I am beating down yo block my bass bumpin loud
I am waking er waking er waking waken da whole town
I am waking er waking er waking waken da whole town
I am waking er waking er waking waken da whole town

And when I step up on the scene guarantee
I am look-in clean gotta fresh white tee
And my diamond chain gleamin'
It's swinging left to right to the beat to da beat
It's swinging right to left to the beat to the beat

[ Chorus ]

I got money in the bank but my name ain't lil scrappy
You can call da money boy so come on shawty get like meh
I stay fitted every week wit different jays
You neva seen my 360 waves lookin
Lookin so clean, if you stare at dim to long yo ass will drown
Think I am playing games nigga test em test em
Just don't touch em so get like me
I am beatin down yo block I am ridin down in my chevy
Dippin from da cops naw catch me Rollin down da block in my Chevy
My trunk kinda heavy and my music is blasting open up da doors
All you smell is weed smoke guarantee
Ya boy Rollin wit a bad hoe we gone be smoking dat dro
You already know what we gone do when we go back home
Yep yep you already know ya boy so fresh ya boy so clean
So get like me hataz try to cop my style but they can't get like me

[ Chorus ]

When I spit on da track you gone fell a breeze
My lyrics is so cold kinda like a freezer o wee!
No better yet my lyrics like da north pole
Santa Claws can't even handle my lyrics cause dey so cold!
Fo dim hataz who be saying dey don't like my songs
You really think I give a fuck
Man move that shit on because I am doing it big and getting paid boy!
Watchu know about that I am getting paid boy!
You can talk about me when you get on my level
Until then keep yo mouth shut and stay on yo level
If you really got beef we will leave yo ass fuckin dead
Well put yo ass (up up) in da fuckin ground
Nigga you think we playing we sum muthafuckin goons
We getting paid smoking dro nigga was good fool
Watchu gone do you can't get like us
We getting paid everyday yep get like us!

[ Chorus x2 ]

Dang man! You see that girl ring ova there man! You know she paid!
Joe look at dim exclusive ones!
He got da all black and blue fit you know he paid!
Jo! He just rolled up in dat caddy sitting on 26's look at da seats!
You know he paid! mang!

You know I am paid!

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