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Know Me - text


Aye--- solar cruising in V.I.P./
yeah I'm underage/ no need to see I.D/
girls scopin'/ they know it's me/
I'm chillin' with my entourage like I'm suppose to be-/
smoke fumes/ all up in the air/ fresh kicks/
i bought a couple pair/ diamond chain/
i know you see the glare/ shawty choosin' she want me over there---/
man i think she wont me/ she blowing kisses at me/ she really wont me--/
my guy saying chill out/
i think she wont me he telling me to reel out/
pretty smile/ legs crossed/
body language saying she don't want her legs crossed/
she wont me but i don't feel the same/
she tryin' to rush into it/ listen to what I'm sayin--/

*Chorus* (x2)
She don't even know me--/ but she tryin' to roll--
and she tryin' to be with me---

Aye--- here we go again/
chillin' with my crew and they brought a couple friends/
tell me when this gone end/
shawty diggin' me she say I'm better then her man---/
but we just met/
she throwing all these compliments you can not get upset aye-/
shawty say that she a keeper/
she feeling all up on me she anit even hit the Reefa/
that's why i can't even believe her--/
she say she feel like we equal--/
she say she feel that she know me--/
heard it all before/ it's all phony/
the old me- would of went for it/
nowadays even still just to explore it--/
and see- how it really be/
they talking bout they love me/ are you kidding me?

*Chorus* (x2)
She don't even know me/ but she tryin' to roll
and she tryin' to be with me---

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