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Life Time Truth - text

I'm Here Flowin, About Growing, And Living, This Life, Tryin, To Keep
Everything Right, Without Any Fights, Tryin To Keep A Girl To Call My
Wife, Without Them Sleeping With Peeps, But Yet They Always Calling
Us The Cheats, I'm Tryin To Stay Away From Fake Niggas, Tryin To
Stay With Them Real Niggas, Like Jada Would Say You Don't Murder A
Nigga For Some Shit Like That, You Just Take It Deep And Go Get Him
Back, You Suppose To Stay Up, And Keep It Real, Even Go Around And
Express The Way You Feel, That's Why Life Is Ill, Niggas Don't Care,
But They Know They Have Fear, When Something Happen They Gon
Shed A Tear, They Ain't Gon Sit There And Stare, Don't Ask Me About
My Where Abouts, Cause You Will Be The First To Get Hit In The
Mouth, You Ain't Ready To Go Bout For Bout, Cause I Be Knocking
Niggas Out.

Life Is Nothing but A Threat
Trying To Make You Regret
All The Things You Did
All The Lies You Hid

Life Is Scary, Like The Fist Of Fury, It Hunts You Until You Die, If
You Don't It's Gon Make You Cry, Sigh, And Try, Even Harder, Niggas
Think They Doe Stack Is Larger, It's All Good Cause They Girl, I Got
Her, At My Build Working On Some Skills, On Her Knees Doin
Something Ill, What The Deal, Be Real, Quit Talking Bout Makin A Mill,
Especially When You Passing Your Momma The Bill, And Ya Got Cha
Girl Paying For Almost Every Meal, I Wish People Around The World
Could See, What I Wanted To Be, When I Was Little, But Now I Got A
Bundle, Of Girls, That's Waiting To Meet The King Of The Jungle, Need
Some People Stay With Me All The Way, That Would Knock A Nigga If
He Had Something To Say, Don't Get In Harm's Way, Cause Someone
Will Make You Pay.

Life Is Nothing but A Threat
Trying To Make You Regret
All The Things You Did
All The Lies You Hid

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