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Yung Sherm on the beat
He's looking forward to this
It's been a long time
We've been waiting for you
R.I.P to the game
I'm sorry but I had to
Whatchu wanna rap like?
I don't wanna rap like
[ Prada Mane]
Me, P-R-A-D Yung Pradada
I've been coming through fresher than your Fatha-da
And your motha-da
Call me your parents
I don’t wanna kill you bruh, but we just been daring
I don't want to cook the meals we been preparin'
We been cooking in the kitchen, why you been staring?
I own Pyrex, my cell don't text, nah
She can go hit up another dude if she next
I don't really wanna see her, cause then I gotta feed her
Yung Lean with Yung Prada
Lean with Yung Prada
I don't really wanna see her cause then I gotta feed her
[Yung Lean]
Y'all try to be like me
Nobody as high as me
Me and Prada in the sky can't you see
Can't [?]
Coke and pretzels for breakfast
Prada boxers, Ralph Lauren cologne
Sadboys and Prada on that Patrón
Catch me in a jet
I'm like Arthur with the stone
Yung Lean and Prada the new Flintstones
Cartoon Network on my Prada phone
I time travel Lean wanna take a time loan
Energy and decisions put my team in your division
Taking over the world is my mission (mission)
I'm time travelling wanna take a time loan
I wanna rap like me bitch cause I'm all alone

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