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Boy's Chore - text

Hope this song gets lost
This thing's gone four years and forgotten to stop
Tired eyed, quiet eyed
Always had too much to drive

Won't get myself depressed
Over shit that used to make my life feel meaningless
Like missing you and having loved and lost

Trying to handle yours and mine is like cutting
in line on the way to die
I'll sleep when I'm dead

Back then we never thought of ends
We never thought too far past the fix
Together we were the worst
Could be the best of the best when surrounded by dirt

So lets go back to your mom's broken home
Lets forget that remembered when we were alone
Go ahead and relapse
They'll find my body on 8th and my wallet on Grant

So today I try
'Cause a boy's only chore is not to die
I wish I had a river so long
I'd skate away on

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