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Telling you night after night that I am by you always in love
Now I stand by you in faith and pray for revival, I'll stand by you
Telling you night after night that I am by you always in love
Waiting for the page to turn in this chapter in your life
The night is far gone, a new is at hand
Prayer for a new heart that will scour the old
Take His hand, He will make you new, He resorts the broken soul
These are your trials you will never be the same
I want the best for you, the time as come to wake from sleep and live
I cry out that you'd walk His pace
I look into your eyes and see His face
Seeing daily through your pain
Stop the fight lay your burdens at His feet
He is strong when you are weak
These are our trials, we should never stay the same
Hand in hand we will brave these storms as the light breaks through the dawn
In blood we are brothers but I'm not your savior, this is my anthem for you
I cry out that we'd walk His pace
He looks into our hearts and feels the pain
Lighting our path through the dark
The battles won, we cast our cares before the King
He is strong when we are weak!

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