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The Colour Of Envy - text


I'll lose my mind every night,
I look through these red eyes and think through a clouded mind.
Thoughts out of control, paranoia living on my back, the colour of envy.
The colour of envy, but I’m content, sinking down into life’s cement,
Just leave me here for a while.
Flying high with all of you, just let ourselves go for a night.
I'll keep these memories forever, but I'll forget them in the morning.
My life through these red eyes and a clouded mind.
I'll grow up one day soon but this time next year you'll be right back next to me,
Filling up my head with flawless plans that'll never surface.
This time next year you’ll be right back next to me.

Text přidal scream2

Video přidala KateVonTee

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