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Ev'rybody Know Me - text


(I make big money i drive big cars everybody know me,i make big money i drive big cars everybody know me,i make big money i drive big cars everybody know me,i make big money i drive big cars everybody know me cause ima superstar)

[Sean Paul:]
I slide everyday bitch im just waiting on my drop top,purchased it wit cash money straight up off tha lot doc,this aint from no chop shop,damn near spent my whole wat,call me for murda cause im fixin to make they heart stop,nigga ima playa get a wit 'em at tha next bloack,keep on working nigga keep on punchin in these clocks,keep on steppin clost to me i swear you might get shot dawg,its Sean Paul remember Shake Em Off, was only 17 when they first broke me off,and eva since den ive been working stackin bread,buyin diamonds shiny buyin cars and getting head nigga


See ima give it to you straight nuthin but tha real,im major in this game wating on my next deal,got a house wit no kids wit a pool in tha back,wit money on my mind so u know i keep them stack,and if know me goan holla at a playa,i make big moves so i'll tell ya bout it lata,ima certifiedpimp doin whut i love most,lke fuckin fly hoes smokin weed coast to coast,wit some playa ass patnas wit some playa ass ways,we will take ya down if its time upta play,and everybody knows you can see it how we ride,sittin high on them thangz middle finger to tha sky

Now you can catch me in tha bar takin shots by tha rounds,up in V.I.P. bitch u know its goin down,got a stack of this sticky aint lookin fo no problems,but i got a lil sumthin just in case we got to solve it,Bitch im from tha A yea tha mayor of tha south,fixin to do it big yea you know whut we about
[Sean Paul:]
Yea always stayin sharp come straight out tha cleaners,smoke 2 blunts up out my own dont make it a mistermeaner,a benz or a beamer,like new church drive,i'll tell ya hold tha meaner when i pull up in my ride,call me trick daddy i slide but i dont slip,and do a damn foo thinkin it aint on my hip bitch

[Chorus x2: to Fade]

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Ev'rybody Know Me

YoungBloodz texty

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