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White Trash Song (released as Sea Rock City) - text

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Well, I wake up every morning
About the break of dawn
Hear the rooster crowing
And feel all alone
I get to thinking about the road
And all the times I come back again
I was born a child to these muddy roads,
I'll die here lonesome as the wind
'Cause all my cars they're broke down
Laying in my front yard
I ought to get one together
But the work just seems so hard
But a man come by this morning
He wanted to paint my barn
Well he painted "See Rock City - US Highway 31"
I use to have a church woman
Pretty as she could be
Run off with a hillbilly singer
Down in Nashville, Tennessee
So I learned to play a fiddle
And to make a dobro ring
I'll make a guitar sparkle
Like the early morning rain
So when you carve my tombstone
Don't worry about my name
Just say he come with a mountain wind
And left with the morning rain
Well that rain softened his worries
Yeah the wind caressed his brow
With the yellow leaves of autumn
And he's fallen to his place now
Yeah a man come by this morning
And he wanted to paint my barn
Well he painted "See Rock City - US Highway 31"

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