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We've Been Together On This Earth Before - text


We've been together on this earth before
Down in New Mexico
With the red of the skin
We were Indian
That was a long time ago

We stood and gazed at the moon like this
Stood here loving the stars
We swam the rivers in the forest below
Before the coming of the cars

Well we had the rains
And we had the winds
Our lands they knew no ends
We were satisfied to live and to die
In the ways of the Indian

Ah but gone are the ways
That we used to know
Gone is the peace of old
Now all is out on a frantic road
In search of the vanishing gold

We are born white men now
We must do what we can
Even though the suffer the land
Perhaps there is something
We can do on this earth
Come and I'll take your hand

For dimmed are the stars
That we used to know
The rivers they run unclean
The earth cries out, but she is not heard
Except in the Indian dream

Ah may the hills of your life
Not be too steep
May the old ways not run too deep
May the season's of your youth
Be as graceful as then
When we were brothers of the wind

My son, my son
I'm glad you're born
For we rode together as one
We were free back then
We were men back then
When we were the Indian

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